Cluck of the Week: Visiting

Here's the thing about chickens.

They poop. A lot. And the poop in places that make you gag a little. Like the front steps and the back deck. So anyone who visits you must step around a mound of poo and anyone walking through your kitchen will see a mountain range of poop even if you hosed off the deck six minutes earlier.

They also make quite a bit of noise. They "talk" to you and each other. They squawk and bawk and tap and chatter. Some times are louder than others, like how they sound like they've found a mini-megaphone while egg laying. And heaven forbid something freaks them out -- expect the neighbors to mention it.

But the other things are really great. Like how they come visit you and eat oats out of your hand (which will always tickle and make you laugh). And how your kids giggle and smile just looking at them.

See? Now who doesn't want a chicken in her backyard?

(Side note: I will get Lulu on a scale. Believe it!)


  • Unknown

    We had them when we were growing up and my dad put wire up : )
    It was better for us because we played all over that yard!

  • The Drama Mama

    They are getting so big!! I hope you catch Lulu on that scale. I love that they come in and visit.

  • TKW

    You've gotta get her on a scale! I must know the digits! Ah, chicken love!

  • ayala

    Lulu is like all of us....she doesn't want to get to get on the scale :) too funny!

  • Rudri Bhatt Patel @ Being Rudri

    So cute. And the scale part is too funny.

  • Unknown

    I love the cluck of the week! and i so want chickens every time but still to scared of our mean neighborhood association.

  • SmartBear

    I need me some chickens!

  • Leslie

    Boy, am I familiar. Love the noise, hate the poop, which led to chickens*** being a versatile expletive around my house during the formative years. :)

  • Liz

    That is one smart chicken! She isn't going to fall for your ploys!

  • Belinda

    Ah, she must know you're a blogger! Who wants to have soemthing so secret as their weight floating around in cyberspace?

  • Cathy Reaves

    I think that's awesome - they're so free-range, for real. :-) Cluck, cluck...

  • ck


  • Bibliomama

    I guess wire would be one solution -- but the chickens in the house is kind of cute.

  • Liz Mays

    Now wait a minute..they just come in?

  • Ben

    We just got some chickens at the ranch where I volunteer, and you're exactly right about them. They're almost obnoxiously unconcerned with how dirty they are. Still, I love when they talk to you, like you mentioned, and how they dig in the dirt looking for worms.

  • Kelly Miller

    @Ben - mine won't look for their own worms, though they do eat the mess out of ants.

    And here's a great update ... Lulu weighs 4.5 pounds! Fancy refuses to let us close enough to her for weighing, but she's likely just a little heavier. Crazy happy to know this!

  • The Mommy Mambo

    My boys would think this is so cool :) My mom grew up on a farm and had a pet chicken, pig, and deer.

    We have hermit crabs right now and thats about it. I spose I'm neglecting them...? Hubs would balk at chickens, but I'd like to get a turtle next!

  • Jami

    I love them!

    One of these days, I want my own. :)

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