A new hope

I sat with my sister today,
in the middle of early Spring
as we both cried about life's
twists and turns and inevitable unfairness.

With red eyes and tears flowing,
she admitted she thinks about death --
anxiety slicing her like a knife --
long after she should be sleeping
night after night after eternal night.

Only 30 years old, yet aged
by a lifetime spent chasing life.
Now one kidney, two new lungs,
and more fight may break her.

I don't know how or when
I'll have to tell her goodbye,
but I know it's coming. Faster
or slower than predicted, but coming.

When it happens, let us be
older, grayer, and happier than today,
her body free of endless pain,
and her mind void of fear.

When I bury the best friend
I'll ever know, let her know
she will never be alone, because
half my heart goes with her.

My love forever and ever, amen.

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  • Anonymous

    Oh, Kelly, there are no words. This is such a beautiful heart wrenching post!

  • Cheri

    Nothing I could say could begin to touch the feelings this post has evoked.

  • Unknown

    My thoughts are with you, your sister and your family. What a beautiful conversation you got to have with your sister, you both are beautiful people.

  • Draft Queen


  • Hyacynth

    Oh, my heart feels this is so many ways but then again not in the same way. This was so beautiful, friend. So beautiful.

  • signingcharity

    Thank you for sharing what is obviously from your heart.

  • {Stephanie}The Drama Mama

    ::hugs:: I hope this for you too.

    --The Drama Mama

  • melissa

    May it come slowly, slower still.
    And may the interim be beauteous.

  • ayala

    This is beautiful, so touching, thank you for sharing.

  • Molly @ Postcards from a Peaceful Divorce

    I agree with Melissa. While this is incredibly difficult for you both, use it as an excuse to cherish each moment.

  • TKW

    Heartbreaking :(

  • Linda Bob Grifins Korbetis Hall

    moving, well plotted.

    Here is My Entry, Thanks for reading!

  • Rudri Bhatt Patel @ Being Rudri

    Single tear falling down my cheek Kelly. Love to you and your sis. xoxo

  • Anonymous

    This, this here, this cracked my heart open.♥

  • Julie

    You choked me up. I know those feelings of dread, fear and worry. It sounds like your sister has been through hell :(. I am so sorry. You shared your heartbreak beautifully.

  • Belinda

    Oh, my dear Kelly. I have a dear friend going through a similar ordeal. It's not something anyone can ever fully prepare for. And no advice will ever bring solace...but know that you are in my thoughts.

    Sending you and your sis a thousand hugs...

  • cj Schlottman


    I have walked in your shoes. Over the course of nearly six years, I watched my baby brother die of kidney cancer. You are truly blessed to have this wonderful writing talent and a place to share your feelings. I sense great joy in you, in spite of the pain you must be feeling.


  • Anonymous

    Oh my dear friend. All I can I can do is send love and hope that day comes only when you are grey.

    This is an amazing gift for her.

  • Ginny Marie

    You have given me a little insight to how my sisters must have felt with I was diagnosed with cancer. My wish for you is that you have many, many years left with your best friend, your sister.

  • Anonymous

    So lovely, Kelly. Your care and concern for your sister shines through this post. Wishing/hoping you both do grow old and grey.

  • Unknown

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    extraordinary poetry,
    Thanks for sharing..

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  • Stacia

    Oh, Kelly, this breaks my heart. Hugs, friend.

  • Dalia - Gen X Mom


  • Unknown

    This is horrible. Please God, heal Ashley.

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