Ten years ago, at this very minute, my big kid's biological mother began feeling cramps spread along her midsection and back. In another 30 minutes, she would be in a rush to get to the hospital. Finally, ten days after the original due date, she was giving birth to the baby girl who would be born (despite three ultrasounds) a boy, my baby boy. (That birth lasted four hours thanks to a sunny-side-up delivery that left no time for an epidural. To say it was a rough birth would be an understatement.)

Ten years is a long time, and yet it has passed in a flash. That tiny baby is now a 4'8" 75-pound boy who loves football and dinosaurs, who can spend hours drawing but can't remember where he left his pencil, who seeks understanding and asks questions all day long, and who is currently drilling himself for the upcoming spelling bee.

Because it's his birthday, we are having all his favorite foods -- pizza, orange Kool-Aid pie (pictured at top), rolo stacks, and chocolate ice cream for dinner. He celebrated with his little friends this weekend and will celebrate with family tonight.

Meanwhile, I'll be wandering around wondering where the past 10 years disappeared to. One thing's for sure -- life's been good to us so far.

Happy 10th birthday to my sweet boy.


  • Jill

    Happy birthday to Javi! But Kelly? How did the baby girl become your son? (Second or third sentence?)

  • Kelly Miller

    Haha - I just posted a clarifying sentence. ;)

  • Stacia

    Happy Birthday, Javi!! Hope everyone enjoys the celebration and that intriguing-sounding Kool-Aid pie! =>

  • Moore Minutes

    Happy Birthday to your double digit boy! Time does go so quickly...it's crazy. I hope he has a super special day. <3

  • Bibliomama

    A whole decade of mommy-dom. Love and best wishes to him, and you.

  • Rudri

    Happy Birthday to Javi! Wow. He's in the double digits. A full decade. With my daughter about to turn five, I also ask where the time has gone. Have a wonderful celebration Kelly with Javi and your family!

  • BigLittleWolf

    A very happy birthday indeed. It isn't quick, but looking back - it seems it, doesn't it?

    Have a wonderful holiday!

  • The Drama Mama

    Happy Birthday, Javi! You are such a lucky boy.

  • Unknown

    oh I sure hope he had a great birthday!! 10 years, crazy how fast the time goes huh!

  • Anonymous

    What a lovely tribute. I know you all had a wonderful time, and I hope Christmas was just as good. I spent most of yesterday watching my 4 year old thinking how things change so fast.

  • Cheryl

    Happy belated birthday, Javi!

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