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My big kid is turning 10 in one week. Four school days. One weekend. Eight straight days. 192 hours. 11,520 seconds. And he'll be 10. Ten years of Javi.

In those ten years, he's learned enough to drop some genuine gems of wisdom. Allow me to share them with you.


A fellow student who's younger than Javi complained that his parents don't love him. If they loved him, the student posited, they'd buy him the things he wants.

J: You're only 8. You don't understand the meaning and concept of parents and the things they do. No one does.


After relaying this story to me, Javi shared that he was slightly confused by the kid's parents' actions.

J: But, mama. They live in a house. If they live in a house, why don't they buy toys for their son?

Me: Maybe they spend all their money living in their house and paying the bills for it, like the heat and water. And then they have to buy food to go in the house, too. So maybe they don't have leftover money to buy toys.

J: Like poor people?

Me: They could be poor, or they could choose not to spend their extra money on toys. Maybe they save for vacations or for when [the kid] goes to college.

J: They're probably poor, like Daddy's life was. When I become President, I'm going to give some of my money to the homeless and to the poor and I'm going to ask everybody to help give money to the homeless and the poor for their food, their healthiness and their homes.

Me: That's really great, baby.

J: And when that happens and I'm still President, I'm going to ask everyone who was poor to come up on the stand and say how good they feel to have their new life and their new homes, food, and all that stuff to help their bodies. And then I'll say, well let's have a celebration.

Me: A celebration?

J: Yeah, to show what a great President I am.


After further discussion on the point of being a president and the role a president plays in our government, Javi began asking people what they would want him to accomplish as president. He then reported back to me.

J: Okay, I know what else I'll do as President.

Me: Let's hear it.

J: I made a speech. [unfolds paper] "We need to fight to stop the bad people on commercials. They keep telling us to give them money when they know their stuff doesn't even work. We order it and it doesn't work but they won't give anyone their money back. That's wrong and your President is fighting to stop it."

Me: Hm. Okay, that's a really interesting platform. What made you think of commercials?

J: It's not a platform, it's a speech. And Daddy told me all about it when I wouldn't stop asking for a Fushigi.


Unrelated to his future career in politics, Javi was introduced to stepping this week. He was fascinated by it and his body started moving with the music. 

Me: Would you like to learn to do this? I know where they have lessons.

J: No.

Me: Are you sure? I bet you'd like it.

J: Mama, just because you like something doesn't mean you should do it. You have to have watchers, too. If everyone is doing it, then there's no one watching it, and then who'd clap?

Me: ....

J: I would be fantastic at it, though. I have great rhythm.


And later, when I was relaying this story to the Mountain Man.

J: That's not what I said.

Me: Yes it is. I was there, I heard you.

J: Well, I guess you just don't know how to translate my language then.


And lest you think Meanie Weenie has been silent, I give you my most recent favorite: "Mama, I don't want Santa to figure out I'm mean. Let's don't talk about it, okay?" You got it kiddo.


  • Stacia

    Maybe while he's at it, Javi could work to make them turn down the volume on the darn commercials, too. So. Amazingly. Loud.

    Also: What's a Fushigi??

  • Kelly Miller

    Oh, Stacia. Just wait until you have a nearly-10-year-old in the house. The fushigi is the magic gravity ball. It retails for the low, low price of $19.99.

    I'll submit a proposal about volume controls. ;)

  • Cheri

    Your kids are a hoot! When Javi runs for President, I'll vote for him. At least his platform/speech is based on common sense!

  • The Drama Mama

    Guess who just got educated on a "Fushigi" and guess who suddenly remembered that she wants one for Christmas?!

    As for Javi, I'd vote for him. Can we just call him Robin Hood from now on?

    As for Miss Meany, there is NO WAY that adorableness can be THAT mean. :P

  • ChefDruck

    These Javi stories are priceless. Priceless! At 10, he may soon be reading your blog and editing you, but keep them coming until he complains. Maybe he won't. After all, you're building his presidency platform.

  • Unknown

    He is the cutest thing. I love that you get to go through life with him by your side : ) sweetness!

  • Corinne Cunningham

    I LOVE those bits :) Thank you for sharing him with us!

  • amber_mtmc

    Javi is full of good advice. Giving money to the poor? And celebrating that he's an awesome president? Genius!

  • Kelly Miller

    I wish I could capture how big his eyes get and how breathless his voice is when he gets on a roll. He clams up on video, so this is the best I could do. Given the opportunity, he would talk non-stop for days.

  • Cheryl

    "You have to have watchers, too. If everyone is doing it, then there's no one watching it, and then who'd clap?" The kid is brilliant.

  • ck


    (But only if Meanie Weenie runs his campaign. The two of them together will be unstoppable!)

  • Jami

    So he was a Christmas baby, huh? I should have guessed. It's perfect.

    Happy Birthday, Javi! Good luck on that translation thing. I am still trying to get people to translate my language accurately! :)

  • Rudri

    Happy Birthday Javi! I'd give Javi my vote. Sounds like you have a thoughtful and inquisitive little boy.

  • RamblingMother

    oh that was funny. all of it, heh.

  • Anonymous

    LOVE LOVE this. Will be sharing with my husband tonight. He'll get a kick out of it.

    Warm and happy wishes to all of you for a wonderful holiday season.

  • Cathy Reaves

    I keep meaning to put together a post about the things kids say. They are priceless!

  • Leslie

    And he's only 10! How does he know so much? :)
    It's amazing.
    The heightened volume of TV commercials is not, though. But our president just signed a law forbidding the louder-than-life ads. Unfortunately, in the way of American legislative change, it'll could be as two years before we hear the difference.

  • Dumb Mom

    I think I baby my big boy too much. He's 9 so he should probably be able to dress himself. He doesn't because I don't make him I guess:(

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