The aftermath

Last night was parade night. That means today I never got out of pajamas. I had planned to wear my "going out" pajamas to take Bella to preschool, but her tum-tum decided today was a good day to be upset so we both stayed home.

Side note #1: You know you're worn out when you're thankful that the runny butt happened today and not yesterday. I fully understand the meaning of 'God doesn't give you more than you can handle.' If runny butt had happened yesterday, I may have exploded into a thousand glittery pieces. End side note.

True to form, I didn't let in-pajamas-and-with-runny-butt keep BayBay and I down. We cleaned and organized the mess that's collected in the past week(s). We built a block city and painted people to live in it. Then we started the first layer of the peppermint bark we make every year.

The intention was to wait for Javi to get home from school and finish his homework and chores and then we'd complete the bark together. Instead, Bella snuck into Javi's room to destroy his lego creations and Javi kicked her out and they were both screaming in the stairwell and I tried to diffuse it until Bella wailed, "But I want walls like Javi has!"

Side note #2: When we moved in, a friend convinced me to paint Javi's room as a landscape. Since the moment he saw it, Javi has begged us to paint over the rolling hills and blue sky with "something for boys, not babies. Gah!!!" He loathes those walls. End side note.

You see where I'm going with this, right? Yes. The day after the parade, while dealing with steady diarrhea, exhaustion, and a semi-destroyed home, and after painting, building, and candy-making, the two kids and I embarked on a mission to swap their rooms. One room is almost put back together (needs the correct curtains, wall art, and tv hookup) and the other is a disaster, but both kids are pretty excited.

Yes, that's a glittery pink tinsel Christmas tree. She asked for it okay?! And the line
across the upper walls is Javi's art line. He said he's coming back for it so she'd better
not get any ideas. At least he warned her, right?
Moral of this story: I have a problem, dude. If there's a 12-step program, please direct me to it. But don't tell my kids. I think they like Mama just slightly manic.


  • Cheri

    Yes, you are slightly touched in the head. But hey... both kids are happy and you survived the parade! Now, take a deep breath, exhale slooooowly... and SLOW DOWN Mama!

  • TKW

    You have a lot more energy than is fair! Just reading about it made me tired!

  • suzannah | the smitten word

    ha! i can't believe these were thr fruits of your "recovery" day. go rest mama!

    (looks great:)

  • ShannonL

    Wow, how ambitious! Looks like a much better mural for Bella than for Javi - good switch! And too funny that you have "going-out" pyjamas! :-)

  • Liz

    you need some kind of therapy! I can't believe you did that with everything else going on.

  • Rudri

    Oh my Kelly! Hope Bella is feeling better.

  • Bibliomama

    You are a very good mother.

  • Cheryl

    You amaze me. Anytime I start to complain about being tired, I'm going to refer back to this post and shut my mouth. Bella's new room looks fab, btw.

  • Cathy Reaves

    Give yourself a break mama. You don't want to be all worn out for Christmas! Relax, enjoy. (Although if truth must be told, I am similar in nature. TV has turned out to be my valium though so when I need a break, I watch my DVR).

  • Draft Queen

    Kelly, you make me tired just reading your blogs!

  • Stacia

    Ingenious to have them swap rooms, if a little ambitious to do it with runny-butt germs, which, I hope, are long gone. Now, rest, woman! And dream not of parades.

  • The Drama Mama

    Ok, your post has me out of breath. How do you fit it all in one day and STILL do everything you are doing for work?!? You AMAZE me.

  • amber_mtmc

    I hope this switch automatically stops the fighting.

    Except I know better.


  • a li'l bit squishy

    Kelly. This is not at all manic. Or I'm a bit off my rocker too. We have reaaranged the various sleeping bits in our house several times. Growing kids have different needs at different times. We have just started planning yet another switch up which will occur after Christmas. Busy? Crazy? yes and maybe, but totally better for the harmony in our house! You are a good mama!

  • Leslie @ five to nine

    Thought of you this weekend when we went to our tiny-town Christmas parade. I think we could have used your direction. :)
    I'm impressed by your painting, even if he wasn't! Are you going to add a mural to his new room?

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