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Back when I was working in travel writing, a source told me that 97 percent of online users are content consumers while only 3 percent are content creators. Only 3 percent. (How can that be possible when there are 88 million blogs?)

And therein lies today's dilemma. Am I a content consumer or a content creator? This past summer has been a constant struggle between wanting to blog my heart out and wanting to read my heart out. But I can't do both. So do I read (and comment -- that's the most time consuming, but I won't sacrifice it) until my eyeballs fall out if it means that I run out of "online time" without so much as a short blog post to show for it? Or do I post-post-post and let my already-too-full reader burst at the seams?

How about you? Do you create or consume?
While you're thinking about it, how about a few of my favorite vacation photos? It was wonderful to get away for five long days even if I did come back to a mountain of work.

Some great shots of our morning photoshoot. Yes, there was a wardrobe change!

This was the Year of the Boogie Board. Bella would get out as far as the breakers and then ride them in. She had to be forced to come in after hours of this. Javi loved it too, but Bella was the "afessiono" on the beach.

Bella no longer requires that anyone catch her when she jumps in the pool. In fact, she yelled at me in her fiercest Meanie Weenie voice to "stay right there, Mama! Don't come any closer!"

And here's my Mountain Man in all his sunburned glory. He refused to either wear a shirt or put on sunscreen. You can tell Javi has a mama who loves him by both his white skin and swimshirt. No sunburns for my kids!

And with that, I have created! I shall now work on consuming. Guess that tells you where my priorities are.


  • TKW

    Oh my gosh, I love Bella's Cowabunga! leap into that pool!

  • Cheri

    I love both creating and consuming. I try to keep it equal. But let's face it, with such wonderful stuff out there to consume, it is hard not to allow creating to fall to second priority. Love the photo shoot with Javi and Bella - especially the first photo! Such happiness. sigh.

  • Draft Queen

    I create a bit, but consume a whole lot more. A direct opposite of where I was just a couple of years ago.

    I like it better this way.

  • Unknown

    Interesting statistic...my guess is that I consume much more than I create, but still manage to fall short on commenting on other people's blogs/social networking sites. Internet world is so dang big that it's just impossible to soak it all in.

    Love the photo shoot - makes me wish we had gotten to the beach this summer!

  • Kim

    I try to do both with my preference for creating, but, lately I don't create anywhere near as much as I'd like to!!! ;( I find that I rely on FB too much for my brain dumps, which doesn't fulfill the creative side of my, but is less time consuming.......gotta shift that trend!!! I might do more blogging if I got more comments to encourage me......hint, hint!!! hahaha

    Bella is getting brave --- boogie boards, jumping in pools with no catchers.....that's scary, huh? But so cute and so "big girl" of her!

  • Jami

    I struggle with it too. I miss reading sometimes, but then when I read more I miss writing. Sometimes I miss living more, but I always find myself coming back to write.

  • Corinne Cunningham

    That looks SO fun :)
    And love the matching outfits!

  • Rudri

    Love the pics. I try to do both, but somedays I probably consume more than I create. I hope though by consuming it will help my craft as well.

  • Moore Minutes

    Good question...you always make me think...I like that. ;) I believe I'm 50/50.

    Also, your vacation photos are PERFECT. You captured some beautiful shots. I think your family is just beautiful.

  • Stacia

    Boy, this hit me in the gut. I am so behind on blogging, on reading, on commenting. I'm so behind I don't think it's possible to catch up. Arrgh. At least you're right there with me! =>

    (And I have to say ... Melanoma is the deadliest form of skin cancer. Make MM wear suncreen!!!)

  • Unknown

    love the pics!

    i think i suck at both....does that have a category?

  • ck

    Those photos are so great. I especially love their faces in that first one. The moments when they love each other are great, aren't they?

  • Lola Granola

    Lovely pics, I love the white on the beach! I would say I'm mostly a creator,, but then, I'm a ringer--I do it for a living. And I surf a lot, but I am truing to comment more.

  • allison

    I had to push myself to start blogging and I still have to push myself a lot, so if it's been a few days since I posted I force myself to write a post before I read. Awesome pictures. Dumbass husband (meant in a nice, why-are-men-so-dumb don't-get-skin-cancer way).

  • The Drama Mama

    Hmmm. I think I've been 15/85, doing more creating then consuming. I'm working on balancing that out better.

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the vacation pics!! Bella on the Boogie Board is awesome.

  • a li'l bit squishy

    I have become a consumer. But a half-assed one at that. I started by berating myself for not keeping up and commenting on your blogs while I wrote posts for my own. And then I tried desperately to keep up with both to the neglect of the rest of my life. So now I dabble in both reading and writing and I try to think of them as two separate, completely unconnected entities. Working on it. Create. Consume. Both have value.

  • Cheryl

    Love your vacation photos - looks like a wonderful time. I struggle to balance the consumer/creator thing. I try really hard to give them both equal time, but really, my time between the two ebbs and flows.

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