My girls

My area is finally experiencing some rain after months of dry, cracked days. Our yard is brown and our town was under a drought advisory (which would've meant no fall bonfires). But the skies opened up and we've had steady rain since Monday.

My girls have enjoyed the cool, wet weather. Of course, when Bella really enjoys something, she goes all out. I'm talking Buzz pajamas in a neighbor's puddle and then later sneaking out to ride her bike in her undies. Side note: We need better locks.

And, surprisingly, she's not the only one of my girls who enjoys a good rainfall. Lulu2 and Maisy (and Fancy, though she still won't come near me) have a great time frolicking and foraging in the rain.

Or maybe we're just all giddy that the super-hot summer is finally over. Bring on fall!

***This post is part of Wordful Wednesday.***


  • Cheri

    I'm just smiling big at the photos of Bella. Honestly, I don't know how you keep up.

  • Rudri

    How lovely! I love the picture of her on the bike and the vibrant colors in her outfit pop out against the blue umbrella. I am envious that there is rain where you live. Here there is only sun... and extremely hot temperatures.

  • Anonymous

    I love your blog. I really like the way you write. Sometimes you make me cry, but mostly you make me laugh. Thank you for sharing so much of your life with your readers. Sarah

  • Kelly Miller

    Aw, thank you Sarah.

  • Corinne Cunningham

    I love the umbrella picture!!
    Sometimes a rainy day is soooo necessary...

  • BigLittleWolf

    Love the pictures! What a cutie Bella is!

  • Liz

    she is just a free spirit! i bet she's a handful, though!

  • Hear Mum Roar

    Such cute photos!

  • TKW

    Her face is full of mischief! I love it.

  • ck

    I cannot let my daughter see that awesome, nekkid bike-riding shot. The best locks in the world wouldn't keep her clothed and indoors after that!

  • Draft Queen

    I wish I could have as much fun in a puddle as Bella! (Or the guts to ride my bike in my skivvies... though I fear that would be classified as indecent exposure- they frown on grown ups doing these things. Society.)

  • Unknown

    That photo of her on her bike is PRICELESS. Such joy! The caption should be, "And what?!"

  • Unknown

    I *love* these! Of course I just turned the laptop screen away from the eyes of my 3 y/o so she doesn't get any ideas though! Enjoy the crispy days of fall - I'm ready for the cool days too!

  • Anonymous

    I love the shot of Bella in the puddle! That is classic!

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