The big game

Football is an event in the south that's unparalleled. Growing up with a single mother, I escaped football for most of my life. But I'm a football mom now and I rang a cowbell at my son's first game. A cow bell for the Cowboys.

I may just enjoy this phase.


  • Unknown

    and you better have had a rhinestone top that said football mom on it :)

    i love watching football and going to games.. how fun..hope they win lots of games!

  • Katie Jones

    Oh, I like these as much as the ballet pictures! I love football and am hoping SJ4 will, too.

  • Jami

    Great pictures!

  • Cheryl

    A ballerina and a football player! It's entirely possible that I'm envious of you. :)

  • Rudri

    What position does he play? Good luck with the season. Ring the cowbell - loud and proud!

  • The Drama Mama

    I love football. I can't wait for Scooby to be old enough to play. I can see his tough little butt playing some flag football in the near future (only I think it would fast become a game of tackle football, ha!). Javi looks like he is really having fun.

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