The Nutcracker

I have a confession: The first time I ever watched The Nutcracker was seven long days ago. And it was a Barbie movie we bought for $5 to keep Bella quiet during grocery shopping. (Better than gummy bears, right? RIGHT?)

I am not a fan of Barbie in general. When I was kid, I begged my mom to buy me some Barbies. She did. I woke up Christmas morning with all six Barbie & The Rockers. I promptly cut and died their hair and then destroyed sock after sock "designing" outfits for them. They were in the trash less than a week later. Since then, I haven't understood the pull Barbie has on girls both young and old.

But the DVD was only $5 and I figured that if she didn't like it once we popped it in, I'd give it to the other little girl at her school (who is the current recipient of all of Bella's gently used things). Bella hugged it and squeezed it and screamed bloody murder if we dared take it away from her. When we got home, the first thing she wanted to do was watch "Bobby."

So we did. And three members of our household were hooked: Bella, Javi, and me. Firstly, why the hell has no one told me how adventurous and engaging the story of The Nutcracker is? There was sword fighting, mouse armies, time travel ... the whole shebang. And my big kid collects nutcrackers. Why didn't I ever consider exposing him to this story before now?

All I can say is we've watched it now. We've watched it so many times, I can recite it and both kids can act it out. "Bobby da nudcackah" is an official family favorite. I'm even on the lookout for a mouse king to add to our nutcracker collection. (And there are two very demanding children who have asked me 878 times if I've found one. "Where dat mouse king go, mama? Where he comin' from?" So if you know where to find a mouse king, spill it!)

Nutcrackers and mice kings aside, I'm now seriously considering a trip to the ballet with both children. I may or may not be waiting for Hoffman's original story to arrive. I may or may not be crafting a new family tradition in my mind -- one that involves a trip to an indie coffee shop for hot chocolate and pumpkin lattes and children dressed to impress, just like I used to see as a barista in Boston's theatre district.

Let me just say it out loud: I'm so glad we made that $5 purchase. And, yes, I was a little too excited when I woke up on Friday morning and discovered Javi watching what could become another family favorite: Barbie and The Three Muskateers.


  • Katie Jones

    I do love the Nutcracker, but I also love Barbie! I have to confess that I can't wait to give KA more Barbies and accessories so I can "play with her" aka play with them myself... kind of like coloring. Here's a hint about Barbie... I enjoy combining outfits to create my own *relatively* inexpensive Project Runway Barbie fashion collection. That's the pull. Make it work!

    I googled Mouse King Nutcracker and found this... who knew Walmart sold anything that costs $247?

    Here's a better deal from Target...

    Or a mini nutcracker from Kohl's...

  • Kim

    I love the Nutcracker and never get tired of seeing it! The kids will LOVE the ballet - it is so magical and I bet it does become a family tradition! Let us all know if you go and what you thought of it!

  • Heather of the EO

    I'm now going to admit that I've never seen any version of the Nutcracker. But now I do want to, more than ever :)

  • Kelly Miller

    Katie - I almost died laughing that Walmart has a $247 mouse king. I mean, seriously? Who the hell is buying that thing? I almost got bit by a Snuggie-type fever by the ONLY 5,000 IN EXISTANCE until I remembered we're talking about a 2-feet-tall mouse king. I like the Target one, but I think the Kohls one is more in line with the nutcrackers we already have. Thanks for the google!

  • Kelly Miller

    Kim - I am looking into it. Now that my fervor has ebbed, I think it may be a better idea to wait until next year when Bella may be better able to handle such an event. We haven't even taken her into a movie theatre yet. But I will! I will be taking them - and I'll let you know how much they love it.

  • Kelly Miller

    Heather - you have to watch it and then let me know how much you and the kids love it!

  • Lori

    It really is a good movie and kids of ALL ages will watch it over and over again and again!!! My oldest DD watches it almost every night (it's her bedtime routine... weird I know for a 16 yr old! LOL)
    Glad you had a good day and found the ornaments that you were looking for!!!!!

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