GTT: Not-so-hot hotties

More frequently than you might think, I develop crushes on completely average looking men. Pudgy, sweet, wielding a tool, dirty from a hard day's work... There's something about an attainable, approachable man that never fails to make my boobies tingle.

So here's to them:

1. Sam Elliot. Gah. So gruff and awesome. From the moment I saw him in Rocky Dennison as a kid (and, no, I don't care that the movie isn't actually named that), I've been a goner. This is why.

2. Billy Bob Thornton. I don't really know why. He just seems real... and dirty.

3. Chris Rock. You know living with this man has to be nothing short of a non-stop roller coaster. Nothing is more attractive than a funny ass man.

4. Cole Hauser and Michael Rappaport.
In my mind, sometimes they are the same person. Don't ask.

5. Benicio Del Toro. What's really crazy is this guy is described as a Silver Fox. Whaaa? I could just stare at him all day long.

Alright - so which not-traditionally-hot hottie is on your list?


  • Melissa W

    Drew Carey. I am ashamed, but I just can't deny it.

  • Kelly Miller

    My sister says Joaquin Phoenix and Holly Hunter. She wanted to share. :)

  • Ellie

    I agree with you on Billy Bob Thornton & Benicio Del Toro. I love the bad boys.

    Benicio is always kind of a sweet bad boy (does that even make sense?). I fell for Billy in Bad Santa LOL. There really should be nothing sexy about that character but to me there is.

  • Diane

    I can see what you mean with Billy Bob. Though it pains me to admit that!

  • Chibi Jeebs

    I wouldn't have thought to put Benicio on the fugly list, but I'm with you on Billy Bob (and I think you're right: it's the dirty). ;)

  • Cheryl

    Ah, Benicio. And yeah, I totally get why Angelina went for Billy Bob.

  • Sarah

    I so totally feel you on Elliot and Del Toro.

    And your "wielding a tool" comment made me laugh right out loud.

    What fun this is!

  • The Ranting Mommy

    Hi! I'm mad I forgot to post for GTT. I just found out about it last week and I totally let the deadline go by. (story of my life). Anyhoo, ummmm... Benecio = HAWTNESS, he is seriously sexy. SERIOUSLY.

  • Kelly Miller

    I think Benecio makes himself hot. He would not be hot if he didn't know how to work what the good Lord gave him.

    Yes, Billy Bob is only hot because of the dirty and the feeling that no one would admit hooking up with him if he weren't famous (yet everyone would totally hook up with him).

  • amber_mtmc

    I completely agree with Joaquin Phoenix. Especially in "I Walk The Line."
    (I wondered over from momalom.)

  • Crazy Neighbors

    Benicio looks like Nick Cave....or rather...Nick Cave looked like Mr. Toro once.

    That was the best he ever looked. Ms. Melee confirmed.

    Not that she agreed on hotness, but that he did, in fact, look toro-ish. My sister @kcc138 is in agreement as well (the Benicio hotness factor).

  • Kelly Miller

    Part of the fun of GTTs is I would never have made the Nick Cave-Toro connection without it. :)

  • Heather of the EO

    I totally dig Ed Norton and Robert Downey Jr. Maybe they're considered hot to pretty much everyone, but I think they're not the average Brad Pitt kind of hot.

    Oh, and strangely...Steve Martin.

  • becca

    Michael Chiklis from The Shield. Yeah, he's bald and he's chubby but he's badass and sexy. I think I may be totally alone in this but that's ok!

  • Liz Aguerre

    Steve Tyler from Aerosmith. I am SURE he must be SCARY UGLY in the bedroom at night...no skin tight leggins, no make up, no lights, no mike stand with bandana dangling...maybe no teeth..but when that man is yelling and screeching on stage...be still my throbbing loins.

  • BigLittleWolf

    What an eclectic group! And I can't even answer this (OMG, I must really need a rest...) I do agree that funny men are very attractive. And smart men, who are clever with words.

    Now you've got me thinking... hard. Thanks for that. (I think.)

    I'll be thinking of hot men while cooking my turkey tomorrow.

    Have a great Thanksgiving, Kelly!

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