I spent yesterday in the house with the kids. Hurricane Ida sent steady, cold rain and heavy winds our way so we decided not to venture out anywhere and the kids' schools were closed in observance of Veteran's Day.

I went to bed on Tuesday night filled with anxiety and dread. What would we do all day? How would my sanity remain intact? Why was the school system punishing me?

But I was worried about nothing. Bella slept until almost 10 am. There were some touch-and-go moments where they yelled in each other's faces (Leave me alone! I'm not touching you! LEAVE ME ALONE! I'm not doing anything! GET OUT OF MY FACE! I'm not even near you! -- and it was the two year old who did all the yelling), but all in all, we had a really good day.
The kids played legos and ate lunch. We then spent some time thinking about and showing our gratitude toward those who've fought for our country and our freedom: family members like my cousin Brandon who passed away last month at the age of 25 after serving in Iraq and friends like our neighbors who just returned from a six-month deployment in Afghanistan.

We enjoyed each other. There was laughter and discussion and joy. I think we spent the day doing what our service men and women would want: Being a family.


  • Vic

    I'm sure the school system is there pretty much only to punish us parents - except for the times when they take the kids in and give us a break!

  • Heather of the EO

    I'm so glad the day went better than expected!

    I'm so sorry about your cousin.
    Peace to you and yours...

  • Jen

    I know what you mean! The dread of a completely unscheduled day is so much worse than the unscheduled day. We were up against one of those today, but with a trip to the library to break up the day, it's been A-OK. Give yourself a medal, mom!

  • Susan Berlien

    Here's to days that turn out better than expected! Sometimes as mothers we just worry to darn much! I get scared just hearing the words "school system".

    Sorry to hear about your cousin.

  • BigLittleWolf

    Oh I remember those days!
    (They still occur, put me in craze.)

    It was not the day from Hell -
    Sounds like all turned out quite well!

  • Moore Minutes

    Very touching post. That is terribly sad about your cousin.

    I have to say...EVERY time I see a pics of your kids I smile! They're just so darn cute.

    And about your little Question on where I put the stuff on the table...do you mean where do I put the decor when I'm done? I have a cabinet for all my decor, etc. Or were you asking something else? lol

  • Sarah

    See that comment by my sister? Totally what she said. Give yourself a medal.

    And also?
    Doing exactly what you should be doing? Being a family? Perfect. Just perfect.

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