The back-to-school speech

I'm not quite sure why people are up in arms over President Obama's planned back-to-school speech.

When he was campaigning in advance of the primaries, I was shocked by the vitriol aimed at him for being smart, compassionate, articulate, and open minded.

Yet, aren't these the qualities we should be instilling and encouraging in our children? Are people so anxious to hate and codemn him that everything he does must be a huge deal?

I suppose this is when someone would chime in with the inevitable: But your people loathed W and made a point of calling him out on his shit. However, since even Republicans (who now call themselves Conservatives because of how Bush and his cronies trashed things) don't argue for Bush anymore, I'll save that discussion for a different post.

I keep hearing about socialism and Maoism and PROTECT YOUR CHILDREN ... but from what, exactly? What has the man done that fills people with fear?

Is it because his pro-choice? Because so am I.

Is it because he has friends who think the United States has continuously and systematically steamrolled other people? Because so do I.

Is it because he thinks everyone should have healthcare? Because so do I.

Is it because he's of mixed heritage? Because so am I.

But I love my country. And I love what it stands for and the possibilities it offers. I love that we are filled to the brim with amazing opportunities and brilliant people. So does Barack Obama.

I am not scary and you don't have to hide your children from me. You don't have to hide them from Obama, either. Let your children get involved in government. Foster their enthusiasm for the political process. Discuss with them the importance of education.

Hiding under a rock or supporting fearmongering does no one -- least of all the nation's children -- any favors.


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