What's on your playlist?

My friend will soon start taking her little one to daycare near her work ... which is about 30 minutes from where we live. This means they'll be in the car for an hour each day getting to and from work/daycare.

I'd like to make a CD for them to rock out to during the drive, but I know there is a lot of great "kids" music out there that we don't know about. For instance, we listen to a lot of Yo Gabba Gabba, They Might Be Giants, and Backyardigans. We also have some Blues Clues and Dora songs.

So, your job is to make some suggestions! But what more should we be listening to?


  • Anonymous

    My kids spent two days in the car while we were moving with three Doodle Bops cds in rotation. We have not listened to them since!

  • Jamie

    I know all about the long commute! My kids really like Justin Roberts (and so do my husband and I) and Ralph's World. Plus, if your friend's kids get hooked on Justin Roberts, he's going to be at the ArtsCenter in Carrboro in May, and it's a great show - tons of fun for children and parents alike. We've seen him twice and plan to go again this year.

  • Kelly Miller

    Bella loves Ralph's World too - I forgot about that one.

  • Anonymous

    I still cling to Raffi. My daugther got a copy of "Banana Phone" for Christmas.

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