Texas Pete

If you live in the South (or close to NC) and enjoy a good hot sauce, then surely you've met my friend Texas Pete.

I like hot stuff. But, not "burn your mouth and make your nose run" hot for the sake of hot hot. I prefer really flavorful and tasty hot. And that's what Texas Pete gives me. Unlike Tabasco, which tastes like pepper, Texas Pete has a great flavor that I've never encountered in another sauce.

In a pinch, I enjoy Cholula or Lusiana hot sauces. When I lived in Boston, Cholula saved my life because no one carried Texas Pete that far north. I wound up bringing a huge bottle back with me each Christmas to last through Easter.

All of this leads me to my point. And that is my husband hates that I enjoy hot sauce so much. Each and every time I use it, he must comment on it. If I complain about a stomach ache or cramp, he diagnoses the problem as hot sauce overload. Each and every time.

Yes, I eat Texas Pete on everything. It makes things taste better! I like to mix it with my ketchup for dipping fries. It goes in my ranch dressing for dipping cheese sticks or pizza. I like it in soups, pastas, and rice. I can't eat an egg without it. You know I add it to barbecue and burgers to spice them up. And, yes, I sprinkle it over my popcorn. Hello, tasty!

Say what you will, but peppers are good for you so I'm keeping my Pete where he belongs. In my tummy!!!


  • Anonymous

    strange-not having been brought up around your father-he also eats texas pete on everything-one of the many strange:) things I remember about him

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