It's too soon!

My Bellabee turns 2 on Friday. I'm both blown over by how big she's gotten and shocked by how much she still seems like a baby.

It's hard not to compare the children. Javier was a rough and tumble boy who was already potty training, eating with a fork and spoon at the table, and drinking out of a regular cup at this age. Bella is nowhere near ready for full on training, she almost always throws her tableware in preference for her fingers, and can't grasp that you must hold the cup all the way against your mouth to drink from it.

But Bella figured out how to unlatch a pitbull's cage last night ... and then locked herself in it and was finger feeding the dog. I almost died when I saw what she'd done, but once she was safe, I just had to chuckle. What other child can accomplish that at 2 years old? She's also talking up a storm and tries out a new word every day.

So I've planned the birthday party and the birthday outfit. Now I must tackle the "after cake" outfit. You know she'll need a wardrobe change (and a bath) after she gets hold of her Elmo cake! I'm torn between these two designs:


Billy and I both love A, but I think B will print and iron on better. I also think it ties in really well with her 1st birthday monkey shirt. Should I ruin a shirt by trying A first or just print out A for her scrapbook and go with B?*

Decisions, decisions! I was worried that Bella didn't really like monkeys after all, but then I was looking at pictures of real monkeys and she lost her mind. She had to sit in my lap and giggle at each one, say hi to it, blow it kisses, and yell "MOHN-KEEEE!" over and over again. So she's a monkey lover after all. Whew!


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