The Woes of Wedding Planning

I'm trying to not say mean things in this blog, but I'm watching Oprah today about sexual offenders and how America needs to take the streets to stop these people from hurting our children. It makes me angry and sad. Neither of those feelings have a place here.

We're debating everything about the wedding these days except for the date. We're set on May 20. But, what about wedding showers, bridal showers, guest lists, save the dates, etc. All the stuff that in theory is really simple ... in reality, I'm beginning to feel a little overwhelmed.

And what's worse is I'm beginning to think I'm going to have to pay people to come. It makes me feel weird that I don't know enough people - family, friends and otherwise - who would want to share the day with us. I think in my head I expected to have to deliver the invites with armed security. The real truth is no one's clamoring for one.

So, I wanted an intimate ceremony, but I think I wanted that by force, not necessity. I'm getting over it though. I think 30% of me (the vain part) is reeling and very worried about the event being disappointing. The other 70% is relieved and just wants to get the show on the road.

I've been told to expect this type of internal conflict. Maybe next time I'll tell you about my other conflict: How to balance being a feminist with being somebody's wife and somebody's mother.

-- Kelly


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