Fall Is Here

After a long, hot American summer, fall is settling in. My mind is happy about this because it's more conducive to pumpkin carving, Halloween decorating and trick-or-treating. Plus, fall means we'll soon see a splash of brightly colored leaves and pumpkin spice lattes are already heating up the local Starbucks.

But my body reacts very differently to the change of seasons. I'm sluggish and tired and uninspired. I want to snuggle into my pillow each morning and wear long-sleeved jammies every night. Unfortunately, the weather is damp and gray, but still humid. And humid is tricky. It makes you think you're cold until your back starts sweating.

Weather confusion aside, things are going well. My mom and I are slowly putting together a wedding plan. I have a friend at work who's getting married two months after me and she's been planning for at least 6 months already. She kinda gave me the "bless your heart" look when I told her we'd have this going in 8 months. But, I have faith.

I really will post pictures of Depot Park tomorrow!


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