I am finally happy with a save-the-date design. It might change depending on the paper I choose, but I'm confident I can translate it nicely to a different sized canvas. On this weekend's agenda: trips to Michael's and Joanne's for paper supplies.

In other news: Ashley comes home late Monday for a whole month of schlepping around town for a slew of beaming brides and brides-to-be, myself included. She'll come bearing an early birthday gift of multiple pashminas to fill out my winter wrap collection. I'm a scarf person - and Billy told me I look cute in tobbagans so I might try one this season. I usually avoid them - having a short, round face doesn't help when it comes to hats of any kind!

Ashley will also be bringing some fabric samples for the wedding dress. I've been collecting pictures of dresses from bridal mags that have some feature or element that I like. We're going to sit down with my slush pile, put together the most flattering combo of elements and then Ashley will draft the pattern.

Then we'll comb the fabric stores until we find THE fabric for the THE dress. And that'll be one more thing off my plate. Between the dress and the invitations, I'm a little ancy.

Hope you have a happy Halloween!



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