Cluck of the Week: Spring Fever

Though half the country is surrounded by blizzard conditions, we had a gorgeous 70 degree day in central NC. No one loved it more than my girls: Bella, Lulu, and Fancy.

On a trip to the park, Bella played Captain Hook to my Peter Pan. I suggested she might want to be Tinkerbell. She rolled her eyes, crooked her finger, and yelled out, "Tinkerbell walked the plank!" So yeah. When she suggested she was going to cut my head off, I told her it was time to head home. (Excuse poor photo quality ... photos taken by camera phone. And she was threatening me in the 2nd one. Go figure.)

Lulu and Fancy spent the day cooing and clucking around the front yard. They seem to have completely forgotten there's a hawk out there. (And the Mountain Man said he saw two of them circling our neighborhood yesterday.)

We had a moral dilemma: Lock up the chickens and watch them slowly fall apart or let them free range knowing they are easy prey for the hawks in your area? We've chosen to let them be happy while they're alive and keep the coop door open again (but I keep the BB gun at the ready).

And because Lulu has learned that I'm a monkey who will feed her whenever she demands it, she no longer just taps and squawks for me at the back door. Now she also taps and squawks at me from the front window.

The upside is that I fed her oatmeal out of my hand today. The downside is I now have another unreasonable boss in this workplace I call home.

Hello, Spring fever. You just made my winter.

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  • Hyacynth

    Lol! I think that's the one reason I don't want chickens -- I cannot handle one more unreasonable boss!
    So jealous of your 70s today.

  • The Cole's

    Our chickens are not nearly as approachable. Could it have anything to do with my wild almost-4 yr old chasing them every chance he gets??

  • Kelly

    Hi Coles! We have one highly skittish chicken (Fancy), but Lulu is a friendly girl. I think it does probably help that Bella acts more as a herder than a attacker. ;) We also only have 2, so they are more like pets.

  • Courtney

    i am not going to lie, i am not a fan of you right now...you take your 70s and well whatever just enjoy it :) i will enjoy my -2 degree weather unable to go anywhere cause my husband bought a rear wheel drive car and just be jealous of you!

  • Stacia

    Tinkerbell, Schminkerbell, right? And keep that BB gun handy. I can't handle many more hawk posts, especially ones with less happy endings!

  • Anonymous

    Oh my God. The photo of Lulu at the window is PRICELESS.

  • Kelly

    @Stacia - Even Bella is on the lookout for hawks. She saw one today near her daycare and was yelling for someone to "gwab dat gun!" Yes, we are the countriest family ever.

    @Christine - I agree!

  • Sofia's Ideas

    Oh my! Hawks? But I think I'd decide the same - let 'em enjoy their lives...

    I love that you have chickens! When we move, I hope to be in an area where we'd be allowed to have a pair. My husband already gave me the green light so fingers crossed! :)

  • angie

    LOVED that last line!

  • Rudri

    That smile and last picture of Lulu is so precious. I love it Kelly!

  • The Mommy Mambo

    How Cute! And that last line is truely poetic :) Enjoy that balmy Feb. day as much as we are enjoying our freeze....change is sometimes nice!

  • Cathy

    We've been having great weather too. I don't like to mention it when others are buried up to their necks! I actually wish it'd feel a bit more wintery especially because I want to see the white stuff fall!

    Take care of those cluckers!

  • Life with Kaishon

    70 degrees. Are you kidding me? So totally jealous!

  • Stephanie

    I had a couple of birds stalking my little dog the other day. That was scary!!

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