Bella Fierce

Bella has two handmade Spring dresses that were two big for her when we received them in the fall (you know, because our fall feels like late May). I pulled them out to see if either will work for an Easter dress, and the child went a little Top Model on me.

One day she's gonna make Mama some money. ;)

***The pink and green dress was made for Bella by Nicole at Crooked Pigtails. We love the fabric and there's an embroidered B on the skirt. The "egg dress" (as Bella calls it) was made by my friend Heather. Both dresses are reversible and we love them!


  • Cheri

    The third shot is priceless. Having perfected the haughty model face at 4, what's next?

  • Anonymous

    I'm partial to the one at lower left. Wow! Gorgeous girl, and what an attitude! :-) Charlotte hasn't yet posed for a photo ... ever. I can't wait for the day I get four in one go!

  • Anonymous

    She's better than top model! She's authentic. Beautiful girl. (I'm kind of wishing for a daughter just now.)

  • Bibliomama

    OH -- it's really a tragedy we can't get our girls together. Although, I dunno, all that diva in one place at the same time -- it might cause some kind of explosion.

  • Katie Jones

    I love the two "fierce" faces! Work it, girl!

  • Anonymous

    I love them all. Priceless. The dresses are beautiul too. You really should enter her in a photo contest with Parent's Magazine. Paula

  • Amber

    Beautiful! She is so pretty. Now if she can convince Emily to pose for the camera....

  • Kelly

    I should write a post on how to get your daughter to pose. It'd be short though. "Keep a camera in her face from birth." She asks me to take photos of her now, though she prefers to be on video. This is her early Hollywood training. ;)

  • The Drama Mama

    She's a natural. What cute dresses, and I love her face.

  • ShannonL

    That kid is just gorgeous! Too cute!

  • Rudri Bhatt Patel @ Being Rudri

    I love all the pics Kelly. She is a natural and I think she knows it!

  • Leslie

    First, your post title is amazing. And the photos do it justice. Fierce is right!

  • Leslie

    Also - reversible dresses are just one of the many reasons girl clothes can be so much more fun that boy clothes. (Not having to take pants on and off would be next. I could go on.) Oy.

  • Kelly

    Thanks ladies! (@Leslie - I've taken to calling her Bella Fierce when she's "doin' a runway" as she likes to call it.)

  • Stacia

    Can you mail me whichever dress Bella doesn't choose?? They are both gorgeous, not to mention the model. =>

  • Kelly

    @Stacia - In a few years. After they no longer fit as dresses, I'll be folding them down and turning them into skirts. We're re-users around here!

  • Draft Queen

    She is too much! Look at all that spunk! So cute!

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