What a difference 10 mg makes

Confession: I no longer wake up in the mornings to see my son off to school. There, I said it. Javi's 10 years old and he gets himself on the bus.

Now, Javi doesn't fully fend for himself in the mornings. The Mountain Man wakes him up and feeds him breakfast, medication, and vitamins. MM then supervises him getting dressed and teeth and hair brushed. That's when MM leaves for work and Javi has a good 15 minutes before the bus arrives.

It used to be that this was the time I'd wake up and then I'd stumble around getting coffee while Javi talked at me for all 15 of those minutes. He'd leave and then I'd stand in the doorway to ensure he got on the bus without incident. It totally used to be that way. Now? Now I wake up when Bella flounces in the bed and yells into my ear, "It's wakin' up time, Mama!" By that time, Javi is long gone.

Before we increased his medication, I'd wake up to clothes, paper, and toys strewn everywhere and the tv in the living room turned up. My mornings are different now that The Diplomat has taken over. Since he can't ramble on to me and his impulses are better managed (so he doesn't tear through the house), he only leaves me notes. Sometimes they are more elaborate than others.

Javi took this picture himself. It read "Me and Mom at the fair" at the bottom.
I had no idea how to interpret it when I woke up, but he later explained
that it was from a dream he had the night before. This was his first iteration
of the note. Words take the place of pictures now!

The signature is to prove it's a Javi original. The flowers
are because he loves me. The half friend is "a friend who
you only like some of the time and the rest of the time
they're really annoying." So says The Diplomat.

Our first annotated note. I chuckled at this one. He must
have been in a hurry, but not so much of a hurry that he
couldn't comment on his own comment.

I know it's wrong to sleep through your child's morning routine -- especially when that child has a neurological disorder that causes him to be impulsive and anxious. But how cool are these notes? And how funny that this is how Javi chooses to express his morning verbosity.

Plus, he doesn't miss the bus and he likes the feeling of independence. So don't expect me to reveal I'm waking up any earlier (for now).

Alright, spill it. What's your confession for today?


  • Unknown

    Okay I literally LOL'd at that one. :)
    &I totally comment on my own comments like he did! You should see some of the notes I leave on the bathroom mirror for Hubby in the morning. Oh my. :)

  • Unknown

    Ps. I am officially stealing the term "half friend". And applying it to like, 95% of the people I know. :)

  • The Drama Mama

    No worries, it's the same over here, except that our bus stop is 1/2 mile down the hill and around the corner so GC gets up with her and takes her down to wait for the bus. I think these notes are great!

    I will confess that on the weekends, JB gets up and fends for herself. She prides on her independence and knows that in a moment she can lose the privilege so...

    It's nice to sleep in a little bit every morning, eh?

  • Cathy Reaves

    I think it's awesome that he is so comfortable with his independence. For the record, my husband taught my five year old that he had 4 jobs in the morning: Get dressed; have breakfast, brush teeth and pack a snack. He does it all by himself. If I didn't have to get up for work, I'd sleep too!

  • Stacia

    I say, sleep all you can! (And I can't wait for the sweet awesomeness of notes like that.)

  • Anonymous

    This is fantastic. His notes, how well he's doing AND the fact that you get to sleep in. When I wake up tomorrow at 5:30 I'll think of you all cozy in bed and I'll ooze jealousy.

    In all honestly, I really do think this is a good thing.

  • Rudri Patel

    I love these notes. Are you saving them? It would be neat to go down memory lane when he is older. "Half-friend" - so priceless. Glad Javi gets to enjoy his writing talent and his momma can get a few extra minutes of beauty sleep.

  • BigLittleWolf

    "Half friend." Wow. That's fabulous. Kids are brilliant.

    Oh, for a kid who could get himself to school! No such luck in this household, for logistical and financial reasons... So it goes. But then again, what's not to love about a chauffeurs hat with jaunty brim and precocious plumage?


  • ruby pearl

    Bravo for you that you have the courage to let your kid learn to be more responsible. I'm really enjoying your blog. I found another blog as well that has made me laugh and given me some inspiration.

  • Kelly Miller

    I'm so happy no one has called me a bad mom yet. I suppose I can stop feeling guilty now that I have all this external validation. ;)

    Ruby - thanks for the link. I'll check it out!

  • HynesMom

    Wrong?! Ha! I'm jealous! But then my MM practically needs me to oversee him.

  • Anonymous

    I confess that I'm SUPER JEALOUS of you sleeping through the morning routine. I've been doing the am boogie with my kids for the last 8 years. It sucks!

  • Anonymous


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  • John

    That was so cute! The two notes were written with so much love :) Well as long as your kid likes the independence he's getting it's ok if you do not wake up in the mornings when he goes off to school. But getting up early for your son would give you a different experience altogether.
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