Wednesday Night

I'm sipping a glass of Scupernong wine and watching Lost with Billy. It's nice to have some downtime to enjoy each other before the wedding. I spent the day with my mother and two of her friends getting the studio ready and I had the hardest time falling asleep last night - which means this wine is really putting me into a snuggly, sleepy mood.

Tomorrow I have to hang around the house until my flowers arrive and then I'll most likely spend the next two days obsessed with how the flowers are handling the weather, environment, etc. I had a horrible dream about a month ago that the flowers had already arrived and that I had to keep them alive for an entire month. I woke up from that dream choking with anxiety and sporting a major migraine. Now that the time for keeping flowers alive has arrived - I'm feeling those same feelings rise to the surface.

So, my agenda for tomorrow: Wait around for flowers. In the meantime, call the pastor to discuss final touches on the ceremony, finish the programs, create the memorial candlescape and get started on food cards. Tomorrow night I'm meeting the girls to make fudge, stuff favor boxes and finish stamping.

All this has taught me one lesson: Hire and appreciate a wedding planner!

-- xoxo, Kelly


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