It's Tuesday - that means there are only four days until the wedding. And, technically, it's only 3.5 because most of Saturday will be spent getting ready and doing pictures.

I'm feeling: excited, anxious, tired, trepidatious, nervous... Just a mixture of happy and nervous. Happy because I'm in love. Nervous because our marriage is sending me down a whole new path - one that I don't know much about. I think I've gotten by in life by calling on my wits and quickly adapting to each new situation. But I have no idea how to work a marriage.

I was talking about this with A today and I realized that I just don't have a marriage role model. Growing up, none of my parents' friends were married and none of my friends lived in two-parent homes. Only three friends who feature prominently in my life - Brook, Christina and Amy - could say their parents are still together.

So divorced or single parents are the status quo for me. I've never had to jump into an entirely foreign pond before. Living with Billy is like Boston, marrying Billy is more like Japan - does that make sense?

I'm not scared to marry Billy. I'm ready to get it over with already, but I have no fear that this is the wrong choice. I'm just looking past the foot of the mountain at the work required to get to the summit where we'll both enjoy the view.

On that note - there's a lot of work left to do just to get to the mountain. For example, we spent 2 hours today getting the studio ready and will be meeting there tomorrow to keep working. I've got to get the favors made and in boxes. I've got to make programs and food labels. I've got to pick up all my cakes and other desserts and I've got finish my personal grooming.

For instance, today I underwent my very first waxing - eyebrows and upper lip. And duuuuuuuude. It HURT. Apparently it's addictive, but I don't believe it.

Alright. It's late and I've got extremely busy days ahead. Time to sleep!

--xoxo, Kelly


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