Wedding site dilemma

I am debating between two wedding sites: Depot Park (DP) and Holly Hill Daylily Farm (HH).

DP is definitely cheaper, more convenient to possible guests, can accomodate our date and I like downtown Sanford. HH may wind up costing more, but we won't know until they decide if they'd even allow us to have the wedding. Also, we'd have to do it in June or July - which would make our honeymoon rental much more expensive.

Of course, HH would be much prettier, but Amy and I have discussed different ways we could frou-frou up DP. I suppose I won't be able to make a firm decision until a) Mr. Massey calls me from HH to let me know if they'd accomodate a May wedding or b) I decide to suck it up and make DP work.

Tonight is the glorious season premiere of the O.C. - and I've been anticipating it all week. Finally something non-wedding to obsess over!



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