Depot Park

We ordered lunch to go from Fresh Choice and explored Depot Park in full sun.

I really like the wrought iron and brick work in fountain area. Of course, it's a bit crowded inside the fence, the old train is on display (i'm not a train fan) and there's not much foliage to block out Carthage St, but if our guests' backs were to the street it might not be so bad. I also think downtown Sanford is much more bustling during lunch hour on a weekday than it would be at brunch time on a weekend.

The other option is a spacious greenway called the Pavilion. It is flanked on one side by the stage where jazz bands and orchestras frequently perform for Thursday In The Park. The other side hosts benches and lacquered picnic tables.

I think I've decided that Depot Park is the best option for our plans, so now I have to decide how it's going to work. If we used the fountain side, we would only have to set up chairs because the fountain provides a great backdrop. If we go with the Pavillion, we'll need to set up some type of altar or arch to stand in front of -- otherwise we'd seem lost in the space.

Good news: Our friend Angela has offered to play her violin on the big day. She suggested the wedding march, but I don't know that I want something that traditional. I may work with her to find something that a) she can play and b) is wedding-ish.

My next step is to go back to Depot Park tomorrow to gauge how trafficked that area is between 11 am and noon. This time Billy will have to tag along. He's a typical man (so don't expect regular updates from him), which means he wants to be included in the decision making - but only after I've narrowed down the playing field to two options.

I'll let you know how it goes.



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