Return of The Nutcracker

If you've been around these parts for a while you already know that my girl is a serious fan of The Nutcracker, thanks to the unlikeliest of sources.

We spent the last holiday season watching the movie, play acting the details, scouting out Nutcracker ornaments, and dreaming of a day when we'd see The Nutcracker onstage.

Guess what? Yesterday, my little girl and her friend behaved like the most mature of three year olds as we watched a live performance The Nutcracker Ballet

Everything was lined up for a meltdown: the production was in the afternoon so there was no nap, we were right on time -- meaning we were late -- and had to sit on the front row, the Mouse King only appeared for half a minute (he's her favorite, you know), and people clapped throughout (not at the end ... so Bella was worried the entire time that it was over already).

But she didn't just make it through. She enjoyed it. She clapped and stared and danced in the aisles. She whispered, "She's beautiful!" and "That's amazing!" as she watched, eyes never leaving the stage.

Who would've thought that a $5 Barbie movie bought on a whim by a cringing parent would lead to such a magical afternoon? Welcome to the first year of our first mother-daughter tradition!


  • Cheri

    That's so sweet that she enjoyed it enough to behave throughout the entire performance. Kudos to Bella and Mom!

  • Corinne Cunningham

    Those pictures are great!!! The Nutcracker is so magical, can't wait to share it w/ the kids! That brings back some incredible memories.

  • Hyacynth

    I'm so impressed that she loved it so much. Are you seeing her future include lots of theatre and dance performances, and thus your future containing those too? Not a bad thing!!

  • Kelly Miller

    @Corinne - We didn't have stuff like this back in my youth in the uber-rural areas of NC, so it's all new (and cool) to me.

    @Hyacynth - She told me after we left that she's ready to "ticipate" in ballet class. She refused to participate because there was no stage, so we had to give it up. Definitely could be in our future again. I will say she's no stranger to performances. This is our 3rd live stage production (though first dance one).

  • Rudri

    So sweet and attentive! Score for Mom!

  • BigLittleWolf

    Precious! (This makes me think of my little boys when they were "tumbling turtles," but shhh... I never said that.)


  • Liz

    What a cool new tradition! I haven't shown Kate a ballet yet, but she LOVED Disney on Ice!

  • Jen

    We're in year two. And now, I must buy the tickets. Yikes!

  • Cheryl

    Seeing live productions through the eyes of children is my favorite. So happy for you that you are starting this beautiful tradition.

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