Cluck of the Week: All the reasons big and small

I can't count my blessings. They are numerous and multi-faceted, both obvious and obscure. Just when you think you know your blessings, something happens to make you realize many blessings are so profound, you don't even realize they're there. Counting seems an exercise in ego.

But I couldn't let the 'day of thanks' pass by without giving our flock a virtual squeeze. Our chicken flock, that is. This is our first year with chicken-children and I can tell that the past few months have definitely changed us.

Notice those combs. Maisy is standing straight and has
a small, pale pink comb. Lulu's is larger and flushing into
red. We've heard from a reliable source that with a red
comb comes eggs! Shouldn't be long now!

We are more connected to where our food comes from. We are more tuned into what makes a healthy chicken, a healthy egg, and a safe living environment. I've cried and laughed more over those birds than I could've imagined.

Case in point: Fancy, our most skittish and least-people-friendly girl, has become accustomed to getting kitchen snacks on the back deck. She waits on the picnic table for us to notice her. When that doesn't work, she bawks like a dang rooster. If we still don't move tail, she bangs on the glass.

It's like having a third child ... only this one will draw blood if the oatmeal in your palm runs low.

Yes, we are thankful. For all the reasons, both big and small.


  • Bibliomama

    Ha. I'm thankful for the image of the chicken banging her beak on the door squawking 'give me OATMEAL bitch!'

  • Unknown

    What a great post. What a great blessing. We had chickens when I was growing up. I loved it : ) My Dad is a farmer at heart. I used to pray and hope that one day I would be rich enough to buy my Daddy a farm. Now, at the old age of 34, I realize that is nearly impossible, but I still hope and wish for it!

    Hope your Thanksgiving was filled with blessings friend.

  • Draft Queen

    Sounds like a lovely Thanksgiving time for your family, including the chickens!

  • ck

    Chicken-children! My but they've grown so quickly.

    (And what great photos.)

  • Leslie

    So, so cool. I loved growing up with chickens. I know it was easiest when the hens laid in the coop, but when I was little there was nothing more magical than finding a little net of eggs out in the woods. Hope to have a flock of my own, eventually - can't wait to read more about your chicken-children here!

  • Kelly Miller

    @Leslie - Fancy refuses to sleep in the coop, but she does lay her eggs there (thankfully). I've heard of free-range chickens laying in secret spots and think that's pretty cool!

    @ck - Yes they have! I can't wait to do a year-in-chickens next summer.

    @DQ - It was!

    @Bib - You're welcome! ;)

  • Rudri

    Nice pics Kelly. Happy Belated Thanksgiving to you!

  • Liz

    How fun that you have chickens! And I swear that animals have their own personalities, just like people!

  • Stacia

    I love chickens with a little attitude! I think you should write a "How to Raise Chickens" primer for all of us who are too, well, too chicken to get started. =>

  • Kelly Miller

    I could only write a primer on what to feed chickens. I stayed out of the coop building process, am clueless about gravity systems or water filtration, and couldn't tell you the first thing about proper insulation or ventilation.

    But my chickens eat damn good! Today it's the last of a zucchini, some diced tomatoes, and oat groats. Yum!

  • Anonymous

    I LOVE this post, and the ongoing tale of the chickens. It's really very inspiring. And I agree, our blessings can often be obscure. It's the one positive thing I've found in my depression, as I come out I am more in tune with things I would never before have noticed.

  • Hyacynth

    I have to echo Christine -- I, too, love this post! I really like reading about the chickens. I wish, oh, I wish, we could have our own chickens. Having a garden this summer made us more aware of what it takes to have healthy plants, healthy soil and a healthy body. I can only imagine how having chickens would enhance that.

  • Unknown

    hey just popped over to say i am missing you!

  • suzannah | the smitten word

    yay for chickens! we're down two but inherited three more--and they're all laying! making fresh egg nog next week:)

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