Hectic Holiday

I'm feeling a bit like this right now:

And here's why.
  • I haven't been paid since October and the payroll department at the company I'm waiting on literally told me the check's in the mail. Direct quote.
  • I have three work deadlines to finish in the next 13 days. Those deadlines amount to 30 pages, 24 sources, and hours of research.
  • I'm coordinating my city's Christmas parade, which takes place on Monday night. This means my phone has rung off the hook and every free brain cell has been focused on the line up order, which dignitaries are riding in which car, who still needs to pay, and why the hell did I agree to do this?
  • Someone told my husband that he had a 1950s housewife. He comes home and immediately gets huffy if he has to do anything but sit down and turn on the tv. I'm doing 18 things at once -- including micromanaging homework and chores, making sure we have dinner, keeping things clean, answering the damn phone, etc -- and he's pissed off that he has to check homework. (Like checking it is somehow worse than getting him to sit and do it.)
  • On top of everything else, there's my little side project that I love dearly and enjoy doing. But I'm only one person and it's a challenge to do it well without a single back up. I have something in the works for it in January that may change the whole ballgame ... but until then, I am underneath it and barely hanging on.
So yeah. I'm one disgruntled elf right now. Actually, this image might be a better indication of how I'm feeling:

The good news is I don't give up and I don't quit. I may answer the phone "What can Brown do for you?" or not all. I may roll my eyes when the Mountain Man starts acting like he just fell off the mountain. And I may lose my ever-lovin' mind with this parade.

But I'm alive and kickin' and likely to forget all this angst long before all of it's resolved. Let's just say today I'm grateful I can't hold a grudge!


  • Cheri

    on the bright side, by Tuesday your phone will stop ringing and one major PITA will be off your to do list! After that, my advice is... "just say NO!"

  • Anonymous

    After reading that list, I totally agree that the second picture is more appropriate! Ouch!!

  • Cathy

    Wow - the whole 50's husband I can totally relate! What is up with that?! And, for the record, I used to organize my home town's 4th of July parade, with the combined entertainment and accompanying booths. After 4 or 5 years doing that, I had to give it up so I could actually enjoy the holiday!

    Good luck - chin up!

  • Bibliomama

    Erg. A week and a half ago my husband was in Asia, my daughter had pneumonia, I had a huge assignment due and was wrapping presents for four hours at the Christmas bazaar, so I get it. Keep on keeping on, and yes, do remember this the next time you're tempted to agree to organize a parade (organize a parade? good lord, woman, what were you thinking?). Best of luck.

  • Draft Queen

    Oh dear heavens you are more over-committed than I am! Best of luck staying afloat and we'll see ya when you find time to resurface.

    (LOVE your little disgruntled elf!)

  • suzannah {so much shouting, so much laughter}

    yowza! breathe mama, breathe. you can do it:)

  • Stacia

    Twas the weekend of the parade
    And all through her house
    Kelly was screamin' at Mountain Man
    (He was scared like a mouse).

    The floats were arranged
    In perfect order, with care,
    And she hoped that her payroll checks
    Soon would be there.

    She'd get it all done,
    She'd somehow find a way.
    Just as soon as she threw
    All her phones away!

    (Hope this made you smile. Hang in there!!)

  • Kelly

    Stacia - you are fabulous!

  • { L }

    Ok, I tell you every time...BUT that little girl of yours is gorgeous and just SO adorable. lol. ;)

    Keep your chin up. It actually sounds really stressful right now. The parade alone is a big job! :-/

  • Sofia's Ideas

    Kelly, I'm so sorry you are feeling overwhelmed right now. I can definitely relate to this, its something that builds up over time until I finally explode with the "You guys need to step it up or I will go insane and I will take you with me!!!" And then of course, they all start scurrying about, and I start to cry saying "Why do I have to get angry before you guys do what you already know you need to do!?"

    The only thing I can say is that as I continue down this path, of trying to simplify my life in many ways, this feeling builds up less & less, and the amount of time in between expands. Usually, the holidays I'd be right where you are. School, home, volunteering, holiday plans, etc. pulling my hair out trying to get it all done. But this year, what an improvement, and its because I am simply just not doing it!

    Being pregnant, homeschooling the other 5. Thats enough right now and I feel committed to make this holiday a time to be savored...

    You know what I tell my husband in that situation? "You better start engaging or all you'll get is a knuckle sandwich!!!" LOL!

    I hope you are feeling less stressed today since I'm writing this a few days late...

  • Rudri

    Your organizing your city's parade!? Wowza Kelly. Seriously, good luck my friend. Will be thinking of you and sending productive thoughts your way.

  • Leslie

    Last month, I'd been waiting on a check for some freelance work for three months, and they told me they sent it to Arizona. (I'm in Arkansas. Simple mistake?) Then it turned out they just hadn't paid me at all. Which was actually better than the first explanation.
    I'm so impressed that you're organizing your city parade - I hope you write about it! Ours isn't nearly that organized, so I always hope it's at least funny. :)

  • Amber Page Writes

    I bow down in reverence to your do-it-allness. I would be a puddle of goo on the floor.

    Hang in there!

  • Jen

    Well hello STRESS! I hope the parade was lots of fun and I'm sure that all the hammering you did (literally and figuratively, I suppose) was no small feat! Here's hoping for some paychecks, time off and lots of fun fun fun.

  • Cheryl

    Oh, that elf face! Love it. Here's hoping that there's a lot of relaxation on the other side of these next 13 days!

  • The Drama Mama

    Well that elf is pretty dang cute to me. I hope you get your check soon, and things calm down for you.

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