What else would you do on a table?

Bella woke up this morning in rare form. When I asked her if she was ready for breakfast, she slowly leaned in really close to my mouth and just held herself there. I kissed her and she threw herself backwards while clapping. I'm not quite sure what the joke was, but I'm certain it was on me.

Then after her deliciously healthy breakfast of banana bread and chocolate milk (jealous, aren't you?), she ran over to the stereo to play her jams (video in the post below). I hopped on my remote work desktop to fix some color separations (boring, I know) and when I looked up, this is what I saw:

I knew trouble was afoot. I made my way into the kitchen and found my child doing what everyone wishes they could do on the kitchen table where we sit as a family for dinner every night, where Javi finishes the homework that will build the foundation for his genious and eventual multi-million dollar paycheck (to support Mama in the lifestyle to which she wishes she was accustomed), and where many a wholesome craft project was completed:

You were thinking go "night night," right? Cause that's what she was saying to me when the camera clicked. She was playing night night on the table - so get your minds out of the gutter!

Today is destined to be one of those days you chuckle about at night.


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