Out of the mouths of babes

My son, like Malia Obama, has zero patience with political commercials and has gotten increasingly more frustrated with back-to-back negative ads on television. Normally he watches Disney, Noggin or Nick, but we watch Ugly Betty together and he watches wrestling with his dad.

So yesterday we were watching The Haunted Mansion and there was a political ad. Javi turned to me and said, "Can you forward it?" - meaning, can you skip ahead in the DVR. I had to admit that we were watching the movie live and he swung his head to me and said "Mama! I can't believe you didn't tape this! I'm sooooo TIRED of politics!"

He then asked for a sucker to help alleviate the pain of having to watch a political ad in the middle of his tv time. I had to give in - and I've learned my lesson! DVR to the rescue.


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