A lesson on how to vote

I wouldn't presume to tell you how to vote in the Presidential election. However, my son has some insight on how to vote in the contest the 2nd grade is running on November 4...

J: Mama. (That's its own sentence, you know.) What am I going to vote for: lion, dolphin, or giraffe?

M: I don't know, why are you voting for one of them?

J: I don't really remember but I have to vote for a lion, dolphin, or giraffe.

M: Okay, so which one are you thinking about?

J: Well, I don't like predators and giraffes are too tall. I can't even reach its head! I don't want to kill it though.

M: I'm glad you don't want to kill it. So, the lion's out and the giraffe is too tall. So, you're voting for the dolphin.

J: Yep, the dolphin. I think that's good because everybody likes dolphins, they're cute, girls like them. Yeah, I'm going to vote for dolphins.

And that, my friends, is what you call a decision-making process. Did he talk smack about the lion for being a predator? Nope. Did he ridicule the giraffe's long neck? Nope. He voted for the dolphin because not only does he like dolphins, but he knows that others like them, too. He's a diplomat.

Now we just have to figure out what in the world he's voting on. He did tell me that people need to stop hunting birds because there aren't as many birds in the world now as there used to be - so maybe they're doing a unit on natural habitats or something.....?


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