At the No Scare Fair

We took Javi and Bella to the "No Scare Fair" yesterday, which is an annual Halloween event held by the Stephens Center. You pay $3 per person for entry and then go down "Trick or Treat Lane" (where they hand out awesomely huge candy bars in some places and clearance rack chips in others - it's a pot luck). After trick-or-treating, the kids can color a face mask, visit a fortune teller, dance to the kid-appropriate music, and listen to a story teller. There were also several performances by Magetsi 4-H club and The Dancer's Workshop.

Javi was over it by the time we finished trick-or-treating and would've been perfectly content with going on home. Bella, on the other hand, wanted nothing to do with trick-or-treating.

However, she ran right up on to the stage during "Thriller" and had to be forcibly removed so that the story teller (aka Mayor Cornelia Olive) could read The Big, Spooky House. Javi convinced Bella to sit down during the story by supplying her with an endless stream of Scooby-Doo gummies.

After the story teller, Magetsi 4-H club performed three traditional Mexican dances and The Dancer's Workshop performed two jazz numbers. Bella spent that time trying to sneak onto the stage. We distracted her by introducing her to a Minnie & Mickey Mouse sibling duo. She loved them both and ran around with them until she could go back on stage.

The other Minnie is only 20 months old (two months older than Bella), but she looked like a 3 year old to us. Her legs were bigger than both of Bella's put together! Little Mickey was 15 months and about the same size as Bella. Just goes to show you - kids come in all shapes and sizes!

Today after a healthy breakfast and snack, we allowed Bella to get a taste of what she's been trying to eat since we got home yesterday: a red Charms blowpop. Do I need to tell you that my entire house is covered in red, sticky smears? I took the sucker away from her after she had it in her eyebrows, hair, behind her ears, all over her face and on her clothes.

She threw a tiny tantrum, but was a-ok after I told her it was time to jump in the bath. That's the solid-gold, works-every-time tantrum-ender for us.


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