Tub Time

So, Ms. Monkey has spent the past 7 months or so taking baths in the kitchen sink. We started her out in a baby tub, but as soon as she could sit up, she would reach for things on the counter top or try to stand up and step out of the tub. We moved her to the kitchen sink - which happens to be very deep and perfectly fit her cushy little body.

Fast forward to earlier this week. DH was bathing her and he lets her stand up so she can see herself in the window about the sink. On her way up, she grabbed the faucet and her weight lifted up the handle, sending out a steady stream of water. This was Bella's EUREKA moment. Every bath in the sink since then has resulted in fighting Bella to keep the water turned off. Then while you're keeping the water turned off, she's reaching for something else ... and once slipped and ALMOST banged her head on the side of the sink.

Yesterday, DH picked up a Dora-themed bath mat and a ducky spout guard. I scrubbed the bath tub until it was squeaky clean ... outfitted it in the 18-month-old-appropriate gear ... and ran the water. We told Bella it was bath time and she headed for the sink as usual. Then DH led her by the hand into the bathroom and her eyes lit up. The Dora mat! The ducky! Absolute joy!

Suffice it to say, I had to drain the water, remove the ducky and take up the Dora mat before I could convince Bella to get out of the tub. Since then, I have had to keep the bathroom door shut for a new reason. I used to keep it closed to keep her out of the toilet ... now it's because if I don't she'll try to get in the tub. She is a bathtub-baby!


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