QOTD: Tacos

I'm drowning in work: deadlines for the paid stuff, fielding calls for the city's holiday parade (that I wound up managing), kids home from school, dogs stalking the chickens .... and the list goes on. I'm barely surviving. Enter my children.


Me (to my sister while wading through work crap and spotting the term): Hey, Ash. How would you like to have a hypersensitive clitoris?
Bella: I'm having tacos!
*silence and giggling*
Bella: What? I am having tacos. I don't want no yeeforish.


Javi: Mama, how many syllables are in happiness?
Me: How many do you think?
Javi: 3?
Me: That's correct.
Javi: Dad marked it wrong.
Me: Let me see what you have.
(visual: ha-ppi-ness)
Me: That's not how you break it up. Which sounds right: happ-i-ness or ha-pi-ness?
*everyone begins laughing uncontrollably*

I totally needed that.


  • Bibliomama

    I'd rather have a taco too, thanks. Hee.

  • Corinne Cunningham

    I'm dying laughing over yeeforish :)

  • Cheri

    wow, bathroom humor run rampant. your house must be so much fun!

  • Moore Minutes

    OMGness...that is SOOO funny. I'm literally laughing right now too.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for sharing your little bright spot amidst chaos! We ALL needed that:)

  • Unknown

    Ha Ha Ha Ha HA! : ) Loves.

  • Cheryl

    LOL, too funny! Here's hoping your busy days continue to be brightened with laughter.

  • rebecca @ altared spaces

    There is nothing so great as the sound of PEE to brighten a dark mood or room. I don't know why but it just sparks the giggles. Especially when there's little cheeks to get the laughter bubbling.

    Thanks for reading my piece at "From the Monkey Bars." I totally know what you mean about the grown ups gathering to drink cider. It's one of my favorite parts about the apple orchard.

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