This is his brain...

It's no secret that we give my son medication to manage his ADHD. Correction: The mountain man usually gives it to him because I am usually still asleep when he takes it during breakfast. Technical word: Usually.

We're pretty sure MM forgot to dole out the Vyvanse this morning. How do we know? Because it's Day 31 of school and we've received our first call from the teacher. (A new record!)

The bad news: All morning he has been extremely talkative, in and out of his seat, argumentative, disorganized, and forgetful. On a bathroom break, he and another child were kicking other boys' feet under the stalls. And then the final straw. While working in groups, the teacher looked over and saw Javier "dancing a jig" next to his desk. (Classic!)

The good news: He's been fantastic all year, his teacher said with surprise and frustration. This is a whole new side of him that she's never seen. I am more than ecstatic about that because it means we really are effectively managing his disorder. Also, it's pretty damn awesome that he was actually dancing without music (while staying next to his desk -- as though he couldn't stop the beat, but at least knew to keep it to himself).

Because we find it really hilarious, and to punish my MM for his forgetfulness, I present this video:

And, no, there will be no disciplinary action against the child for today's antics. He really can't help himself.

In similar news, I've been around the adhd/special needs neighborhood this week. If you're interested in that kind of stuff, I posted about our journey with medication on {a mom's view of adhd} yesterday. Today I posted at Living with Special Needs about bullying and labels. I'd love you to read it if you have time.


  • TKW

    Hoo-boy, can I ever relate. I'm glad he's been doing so well so far this year and sorry that poor teach had to see him off-med. But hey, it probably gives her a good glimpse into your situation. Look forward to reading what you have to say on the other sites.

  • The Drama Mama

    I'm going to be visiting those sites, but wow that's impressive that Javi was able to still keep some semblance of control. I certainly hope he didn't dance like MM did in that video though. Bwahahahahaha. Justice is served.

  • The Drama Mama

    Oh and can I tell you how much I envy you that his teacher can actually tell that he has issues? Would that it were that easy for us.

  • Anonymous

    Oh, that video made me laugh so hard!MM sure can shake it!

  • Emily

    Bwa-ha-ha-ha! Great video! Love it.

  • Stacia

    At least it's Friday and everyone can spend the weekend recovering from the impromptu dance-a-thon ... you, MM, Javi, the teacher ... =>

  • Jami

    I love the video! He can really get down! LOL

    I am glad you have some "sound evidence" that his meds are working. That is reassuring. I hope he wasn't bothered by the incidents at school. Everyone will have forgotten it by Tuesday anyway, after the long weekend.


  • Draft Queen

    Good for Javi for making it this long. Thank goodness his meds work for him. You know, when MM remembers to give it to him.

    Bad MM.

  • Cheryl

    Bwahaha, that video is hi-larious!

  • Anonymous

    Truly, so happy to read this post! A boy who can dance is living a happy life in my books, no matter the circumstances. But I'm really so pleased that things having been going well. You deserve it!

  • Hyacynth

    Dancing a jig is priceless!
    Congratulations on the new record. I hope the next call home is to say what a pleasure it was having him in class.

  • Unknown

    Haha love the video! 30 days is awesome!!!

  • amber_mtmc

    I can only imagine. Wait a second, I can actually picture it. A blessing mixed in with a funny event. : )

  • Unknown

    : ) I agree. Dancing a jig without music is impressive.

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