So Handsome!

Spring is creeping its way back after what seems like a long winter. I shouldn't complain - it didn't actually get cold until January and even then it was never as cold as it did in many places in the country. But, I reserve my right to be ecstatic that the heat is rolling back in.

I took the kids on a nice walk yesterday, picked up a third kid to hang out with us and then hit not one but TWO parks. Unfortunately neither park had a baby swing so poor Bella had to sit in my lap to swing. She still enjoyed it, but what she really wanted to was to be on the ground stuffing twigs and leaves into her mouth. Too bad lady! I kept having "House" flashbacks and seeing the microscopic bacteria flying through her body until her heart explodes or something.

So after letting Javi stuff his face with 20 million slices of pizza at Pizza Inn, we came home and Bella and I settled in to play on the floor while Javi washed park grime off his body. When he got back downstairs, a commercial for the ABC affiliate WTVD 11 was playing on TV. I didn't think anything of it until Javi exclaims passionately, "Oh, I love that hair! Did you see it, Mama? Don't you love it?"

After I stopped laughing, he made me rewind the TV (gotta love that DVR) so I could see this show-stopping hair. It was weather guy Glen Willey's blonde, combed back doo that had knocked Javi over with its greatness. You know, how it's all combed back and stuff!

Don't ask me - all he kept saying was, "oh, I just love it - it looks great!" I think Glen Willey would be happy to know that his hair has touched viewers in such a deep, astounding way. But, no, we will not be allowing Javi to do the side part.


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