My monkey has begun using the tripod method to get her hands on things that have gotten underneath her.

Instance #1: She was eating puffs next to her toy bin. She ran out of puffs, but noticed there was one under her leg. She tried to move around to get to the puff, but wound up sitting on it. So, being a problem solver, she simply put her hands down as if she was going to crawl and lifted her bum in the air. She held herself in this down dog position, grabbed the puff and collapsed.

Instance #2: This morning I was working on the Mac upstairs. Bell-May was sitting on the floor next to me reading her electronic book and dancing to the music. She looked around for her pacifier and realized she was sitting on it. She didn't bother trying to move around - she just popped herself into down dog, grabbed the paci, put it in and sat herself back down.

I'll do my best to get a picture of it, but she's so efficient at moving into and out of the position that I doubt I could take the picture fast enough. I love this age!


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