Guest List Anxiety

I'm anxious to get my invites out and regrets back as it seems that my 50-person cap has fallen by the wayside as more and more people are "snuck into" the guest list. What's really great is how I find out after the fact.

I need to point out that I'd love to invite every person I've ever met to the wedding, but the reality is I can't afford it. I cannot afford to feed 100 people and I don't think my chose space will accomodate all those people. Plus, it astounds me that people I haven't seen in years really want to come to the wedding.

I think the truth is, people feel obligated to come to weddings or the go because hey, why not. Not all those people are itching to come celebrate my and Billy's marriage - which is the result of an almost 5 year relationship that half of those currently invited have never even witnessed.

I'm telling you, these days a quick trip to the JP sounds like heaven! Anyway, let's hope that half of those on the guest list (both the real one and the one people keep expanding) send their regrets so I don't go into debt over this thing.


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