Mid-Holiday Meditation

Whew ... Thanksgiving's over. We made it out alive. I must say, though there were a few in the bunch who tried to sour things up, no one else supplied the energy necessary for the negativity to gain momentum.

An uneventful Thanksgiving is what I strive for, so I slapped the "success" label on it after everyone finally left at about 9 pm Thursday night. I made out pretty OK with birthday gifts: an espresso machine and burr coffee grinder from billy; dish cloths, glass fruit bowls and a wire cooling rack from mom and erin; a framed picture from ashlee; and a sapphire-pendant necklace from marlene (billy's mom).

unfortunately, i'll spend my actual birthday (sunday, nov 27) stamping save the date cards at brenda's house. i'm hoping that i'll get over it as billy presented me with breakfast in bed this morning and i convinced him to give me the rest of my present a day early. yes, there's more. i also received the first three Harry Potter books in hardcover.

Now, I've read all 6 books, however, I borrowed the first five from a friend. Over the years I've collected books 4-6 but I never managed to get the first three. Therefore, this was a real treasure trove. I plan to begin re-reading the series immediately. I read books 1-5 in the span of about a month, so a lot of it really ran together. I must say, out of the movies, Prisoner of Azkaban remains my absolute favorite. Goblet of Fire runs a close second, though. I have a feeling that Order of the Phoenix will blow both movies out of the water.

In other non-wedding news: My friends Jessica and Ben from UNCG gave birth to their first child, a boy named Noah Henry. That's a very good, strong Appalachian name in my opinion. I'm not really close to them any longer, but I am so happy for them. They live an enchanged life to which Noah Henry will only add laughter and joy.

-- Kelly


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