You Know Spell Check Caught This

Sometimes I see these glaring mistakes and I know that the blame falls on the tediousness of grammar and syntax. All those rules that separate plural from plural possessive, all the many ways to transpose letters, all the words that sound similar (like corregate and conjugate, as one of my clients would attest)...

And then I see mistakes like this and I wonder who's effing with me.

You and I both know spell check found this bugger and somebody chose not to fix it. That or a dooler is some new cooler spin-off that maybe pulls double duty. It both cools and dries? It dances when your drinks are perfectly iced? I'm guessing not.

Sorry, makers of the dooler. The snazzy red handle and bright orange sales tag don't distract us from that brand-new word you've created.

Though, if my $6.99 also gets me a fruity beverage that will help me believe dooler is the correct word, I'm willing to ignore my objections.

What's the funniest (and most painfully obvious) screw up you've seen (or done) this week?


  • Rachelle

    I read this and thought "dooler" was something in the cooler... hahaha. Yikes.

  • Anonymous

    Whoa! That one is so bad it took me a minute to try to figure out what they actually meant to write.

    Please save me one of those fruity beverages. I'm going to need one too after all of these Correctionists posts.

  • Cheri

    too funny!

  • Amy @ Never-True Tales

    There is no excuse for this one. NONE. Unbelievable! So glad you captured it!

  • TKW

    Ha! I had no idea for a minute what they were trying to sell!

  • ShannonL

    Ha! I couldn't figure out what it was at first either! It's amazing that somebody chose to ignore spell check AND chose to display this in public in their own store. Craziness! Thanks for sharing.

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