For the love of the game

My kid discovered his first love this time last year. The discovery came with sweating, heavy breathing, and fitful sleep. Luckily, his love only disrupts our life in the fall (though I have to suffer through it year-round).

Yes, my son is forever hooked on football.

He loves to watch it on tv (including old games and the always-on folly shows), talk about it, toss the ball around with the Mountain Man, go to see high school and college games, and perfect his plays on whatever PSP games come his way.

But mostly he just loves to play: the crash-bang of boy against boy, the anticipation of pig skin whirring through the air toward outstretched arms, the spent and sweaty exhaustion of nightly practices.

And what makes playing even better? Helmets and pads and mouthguards, of course. He'd sleep in his if he could.

Nothing is as fierce as a kid who thinks he could tackle the world.

Well, except the bruises that come from trying.

What's your kid's one true love?

***This post is part of Wordful Wednesday.***


  • Unknown

    I am so glad he loves it. My sister's little boy is playing and he hates it! : (

  • ayala

    He is handsome!!!! It's good to have passion for something that you love to do.....

  • Unknown

    the last picture is priceless, love it!!

  • Anonymous

    What great photos - the perfect blend of toughness and fragility.

    Okay, so your post on Javi and football has opened the door for me to mention my latest obsession, Friday Night Lights. Have you seen it? I just started watching the first season on Netflix and I'm hooked.

  • Rudri Bhatt Patel @ Being Rudri

    Glad he enjoys it, despite the bruise.
    My daughter loves to do anything that is crafty (drawing, painting, coloring). It brings out the best in her personality.

  • Cathy Reaves

    Mine's is lacrosse. Nothing like helmets and sticks and balls and pads to crash into each other. I think there is something to be said for 'boys will be boys'.

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