The Yellow Park

My child loves the park like nobody's business. She calls them by color and has favorite equipment at each one. The park we're having her birthday at is the "white park," the one near our house is the "brown park," the one near her school is the "red park," and the one where I snapped these photos is the "yellow park." You can see why:

My favorite part of Bella at the park is how I don't see her face for at least an hour because she's so busy running and climbing and swinging. She can scale a wall in the blink of an eye and is determined to learn the monkey bars. This is solid proof that homegirl is her father's child. Let's just hope she doesn't break something in a fall from them (like he did at her age).

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  • Xmas Dolly

    Ahhhhhhhhh Spring! Isn't it wonderful. Let them out, and run and play! So precious. Following you.

  • Kelly

    It is wonderful. And it came just in time!

  • Amber

    Yay for Spring!! Going to the park is so fun!!

  • Xmas Dolly

    Hey Kelly, thanks for stopping by. Actually that first photo is from 1960 I believe, and when you think about it it's not that old. Maybe I'll do a couple of the oldies I got soon. Have a great day!

  • The Drama Mama

    Bella is so pretty! I love that she calls her parks by color. That is so cool.

  • Rene W.

    Oh - that is so cute! Looks like Yellow Park is loads of fun :)

  • Dalia (Generation X Mom)

    Looks so springy there! Can't wait until it comes my way!

  • Honey Mommy

    Oh how I LOVE going to the park. I can't wait for more sunny days!

    Would you believe mother nature played a trick on us today and sent SNOW?!

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