Javi and Bella experienced their first big snow today! I think there was snow once when Javi was a wee babe, but this was his first time really getting out there and playing in it.

When Javi saw the snow, he wasted no time throwing on some clothes and heading out. Of course, after 15 minutes he was crying to come back inside and begging for hot cocoa. Like I just keep cocoa in stock. :)

Bella screamed and cried all morning to go outside, but the snow was still falling as late as noon, so I put her down for a nap. Then it was on. Billy tried to help Javi make a snow man, but they couldn't get the snow to hold. It was light, fluffy and soft ... which made Bella want to roll around in it.

Of course I let them make snow angels. Bella freaked out when the snow touched the back of her neck, but it was totally worth it. She also learned a new word: Snow! Here she is being too cute for words:

It will all be gone by this time tomorrow, but we've enjoyed it while it was here. I hope this is our last snow of 2009!

Of course there are tons more photos and videos on Flickr and YouTube - which you can see if you click around in the sidebar! :)


  • Lori

    How stinkin cute is she????
    Looks like everyone had a lot of fun in the SNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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