Animal Baby

We've been waiting for Bella's vocabulary to explode for a good year now. She was a very vocal infant, so we assumed she'd grasp language early.

Not so much. However, in the past week or so, she has begun identifying animals and their sounds (thank you Little People animal farm!) and using more two-word phrases, as well as picking up more words in general.

We're proud of her ... and, as you can tell, think she is hilarious!


  • Katie Jones

    That is a cute video - love the animal sounds - but the best thing by far is the little beehive hairdo Bella's rockin'! Too cute!

  • Kelly

    That "style" is the result of her pulling her hair tie out ... and with her curly hair, once you put it up - it stays up! Thank the heavens for shampoo and indoor plumbing!

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