Mama's little helper

For a few month, Javi has been obsessed with helping me cook. When made homemade chicken soup in November and he told me he needed a Kiss the Cook apron so that a) he'd have an apron and b) I'd have to kiss the cook. Yes, he's an overly affectionate mama's boy.

I ordered one for Christmas but it didn't even ship until Dec. 24 (which is why I'm not linking the site - who takes 2 weeks to ship?). However, the joy it brought was worth the wait. Here's my boy in his new garb:

He is so proud of himself. Last night, after a long day of grocery shopping, I spent an hour cooking dinner, chopping vegetables, and getting prepared for a week of healthy eating. My son ran for his apron and chef's hat. I put him charge of making the corn. He is a great little helper!

Tonight we're making sausage and white bean soup. I'll report back on how it goes.

You want to smooch him, don't you? Go ahead and admit it!


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