Monkey Song

For the past few days, Billy and Bella have been little sick invalids. We've had lots of whining, lots of tantrums, and lots of poo ... and then add in how Bella's been behaving...! Just kidding. :) After a blowout this weekend that involved two carpet cleaners and a now-trashed glider, Bella is feeling much better.

On our way to daycare today, she yelled "OOOOH" and "AAAAAH" until I finally figured out she wanted to listen to the Wiggles' Monkey Song. Cheese and crackers, does that child love the monkey song. She raises her arms, drops them down, claps and climbs when the song instructs her to do so. And, the cuteness level reaches maximum level when the song is over and she says "moh? pweesss?" How can you say no to that?

Unfortuantely, we had just gotten to the middle of the third repeat when I pulled into daycare and turned the car off. Ms. Bella May had a full on tantrum!!! She thrashed and screamed and kicked while yelling OOOOOOH AAAAAAAAH as loud as she could. Who is that child?

The tantrum subsided when we got into the school, but she still wasn't happy with me. It took lots of love from her fellow classmates and a powdered donut to loosen her up and make her smile again. She even blew me a kiss when I left, leading me to believe she'd cancelled the jihad on my head.

Note to self: Just play the stupid song once and move on. Or let her finish the song. But in the name of all that is holy, do NOT give her a little and then take it away. It's not worth it!!!


  • Katie Jones

    Katie Anne has a University of Georgia DVD we watch in the car... she starts saying, "Watch Georgia? Watch Georgia?" when we even walk near the garage! So, I've had to start the goodbye ritual for a smooth Georgia-to-daycare removal... we start saying, "Bye bye Georgia. See you later," at least a good mile away! Try the "Bye bye Wiggles," routine!

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