I like this one-minute writer prompt because it brings up a big issue in my home.

If I had to lose one of my five senses, I'd want to lose my sense of smell. My sense of smell is so acute that the slightest scents can send me into a three-day migraine. I try to explain that to my husband but he insists on dousing himself in cologne. Okay, so he says he light spritzes but it smells like he rolled around in a bathtub full of fragrance and alcohol.

I also don't allow him to burn scented candles or those scented plug-ins. When I have my way, our home smells like absolutely nothing. I like for my car to carry no scent, either. If you want to smell a rain forest, buy a ticket to Brazil!

And, just last night, Billy was on the couch eating chips and salsa and I could smell them ... and they smelled GOOD. I couldn't believe he was sitting there eating (it was nearly 11 pm) one of my favorite snacks. He couldn't believe I could actually smell his mini-meal. But I could - strongly.

So, of all the senses, that sense of smell is the one that causes the most trouble in my life. I'd be okay if I had to give it up.


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