Phoenix Rising

I saw Harry Potter & The Order of the Phoenix today - by myself. We had no sitter and I refused to wait any longer (I could've gone by myself yesterday for $0.50 cheaper).

It was well worth the weirdness of sitting alone in a crowded theatre. I wish they would've broken the book into two movies, tho, because as it was - 2.5 hours was simply not enough for the deep, intricate plot lines in OTOP. Everything in the movie felt rushed and choppy.

Some random thoughts from the movie (MINOR SPOILER ALERT):

- Poor Draco was reduced to a bit part in this one. And they gave him Duran Duran hair.
- There was a Voldemort montage in which my brain kept screaming: It's Voldemort's glamour shots!
- Did Arthur Weasley get hair plugs?
- They wrote out Marietta and blamed Cho for squealing on the DA! And there were no DA coins - how are they going to work that out in Movie 6?

Of course, Harry (known as Daniel Radcliffe to some) was hottt. I feel gross saying that, but it is what it is. Poor Ron, though. The years haven't been as kind to him. I'm sooooooo ready for Deathly Hallows now!


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