Batter Up!

Javi had his first tee ball game on Monday. Of course, in the detailed planning (getting me to the gym, Bella to my mom, Javi & Billy to practice before the game), I completely forgot the camcorder.

Highlights from the game: Javi was on first base for the first inning of the game. However, instead of mastering the dual task of watching the ball and watching the runner, he focused completely on blocking the runner - which meant at least 3 times the ball flew right by his head while he stared down the approaching runner.

For the second inning, he was positioned between the pitcher's mound and home base. His job was to catch any punts and race to home base to strike out the runners from third base. However, there was no one on third for the first three batters. Nonetheless, my kid got that ball and ran fast as he could to home while the parents all yelled "throw the ball, Javi!" Each time he got to home base before a runner (duh!), he'd turn back to us and give a big thumbs up.

For the last inning, he was between second and third bases. The game was starting to fall apart at this point thanks to the uber-short attention spans given to the 5 and 6 year olds. The inning was almost over when Javi just couldn't take standing around anymore and ran over the dugout to ask his coach "Can I take a break? I'm bored!"

Luckily, Billy is the parent coach for Javi's team so all the coach had to say was "Go ask your dad." Javi got his self right back to his position. When the game was over, the kids were all throwing their hats and fists in the air. I promise pictures from the next game - it's just too good to miss!


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