Bumbo love

The Bumbo chair has earned a permanent spot in our hearts now that Ricky Bella can sit up without having to be in someone's (anyone's!) lap. I took her outside this morning before it got too hot so she can enjoy sitting up in a place other than the middle of the living room floor. She was obsessed by the grass but I did get a little giggle out of her.

Top secret: Don't tell her daddy but the neighbor's dogs (Chloe & Cheyenne) were running loose and Chloe was in the bushes right by the tree where I sat Bella. While I was busy finding the best, most ant-free position to take a picture, Chloe creeped out of the bushes and was thisclose to licking Bella's face. Luckily I stopped that, but thank goodness Chloe is a sweet old dog and not some crazed hellhound. Bella likes puppies so she had no clue there was anything wrong with having a grizzly old Beagle in her face.

I realized you don't get a great view of her Mullet/Storm Trooper hat - also purchased at Target on the 4th - so here's a close up of my darling daughter. Billy only made her wear it backwards once. She's really Ricky Bella in that thing!


  • Anjie

    This is Anjie from iVillage! I love reading your blog! Bella is so cute! And the letters you write to her are so sweet and always make me cry. We have a BebePod for Miranda and she loves it! Have a good day!

  • ~want2badp~

    so sweet, I so desperately wanted a chubby baby and Harley Jo was so skinny. I can see that Bella is plumping out, so adorable :)

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